About Språkservice

Språkservice Sverige AB is now the largest interpreting and translation company in the Nordic region

Språkservice is a family-owned company and we deliver customized language services to companies and authorities 24/7.
There are approximately 100 employees at our head office in Malmö. Anders Fredberg is the company's CEO.

We began our operations in 1995, the same year construction of the Öresund Bridge started. At that time we were the new contender in an undeveloped industry. Our founders, who are professional interpreters and translators, identified Sweden's entry to the EU and the expansion of the Öresund region  – with the Bridge as a symbol for communication across borders – as a business opportunity. Already at the start Språkservice wanted to contribute actively to modernizing the industry and making it more professional.

We still see ourselves as a bridge-builder in the communication across borders. We invest in the latest technology language solutions, new language services and new countries.

Our office in Stockholm is expanding rapidly, and we are continuously and intensively building networks within and outside Sweden's borders in the extremely dynamic world which the language industry now constitutes.

At present Språkservice can, in principle, cover all language needs which Swedish and foreign companies, authorities and organizations may have.

6,000 interpreters and translators in 200 languages are at the disposal of our customers 24/7.

With a feel for communication – and the sincere desire to help convey it – is the company's motto.


Please feel free to contact us for your professional language service needs.

We deliver on our promises.