Specialized professional translators

We offer professional translation services for most language combinations and specialist fields. Our translations are carried out by experienced professional translators or authorized translators for translation of, for example:

  • financial texts
  • legal texts
  • medical texts
  • technical texts
  • EU
  • insurance cases
  • reports
  • brochures
  • advertising
  • websites

We work with all types of translations and treat each assignment based on its specific requirements and conditions.


Språkservice's translation department offers

Professional translations - translation carried out by professional translators

Certified translations - translation carried out by authorized translators who stamp the translated text and certify that it is consistent with the original document, for further information please see below

Proofreading - checking grammar, spelling and syllabification

Language review - checking the translated text taking into account the original text and target group

Text editing - thorough revision and target reader adaptation of scripts in Swedish or a foreign language

Graphic work of the translated material - the translated text is added to a graphic template with images and text adaptation


Certified translation = authorized translation
A certified translation is a translation which, in a legal sense, is equivalent to the original document.  This type of translation is common when it comes to personal documents, certificates, judgments and similar.

These translations are carried out by translators who have taken and passed the language tests of the Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency. The professional title 'Authorized Translator' is then awarded. 

Authorized translators get a personal stamp from the Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency which they can use on their translations -  referred to as a ‘translator's stamp.’ The stamp is personal and may only be used together with the translator's signature. The document thus becomes certified/authorized when both the translator's signature and stamp are included on the document.